Haziran 17, 2023

Interrupt Engineering’s Visit to Friends of Parkinson: Fostering Innovation for Parkinson’s Patients

In January 2022, Interrupt Engineering made a significant impact at the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) held in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a startup company dedicated to […]
Haziran 6, 2023

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

AI, once futuristic, is now impacting healthcare greatly. AI technologies integrated into healthcare systems are reshaping patient care and research. They aid in early disease detection […]
Haziran 6, 2023

Old Wearable Health Technologies

In the rapidly advancing wearable health tech era, we must value past innovations. They sparked the digital health revolution and transformed how we monitor our well-being. […]
Haziran 6, 2023

Wearable Health Technologies : Innovation for Parkinson Solutions

In today’s fast-moving world, technology evolves remarkably, influencing all aspects of life. Wearable technology holds a pivotal role in this evolution. Parkinson’s disease, a common neurodegenerative […]